Blog Entry #13 – The End

As we conclude this arduous semester called Spring 2011, I have only a bitter sweet feeling about this module.

I first thought that the content of this module would be boring, but after I sat through various lessons, starting with Social Media, i was pleased to know so much more about the Internet.

Initially, I felt that what i knew about the internet was adequate and sufficient, but after this module, i felt as though what i know about the internet is like a drop in the ocean.

for one thing, i never really realized the true power of Google and its various applications/functions, such as google RSS feeds, and the Google search codes (and/or/not)

Furthermore, I was intrigued by Steve Jobs’ keynote speeches for his iphone/ipad/apple/ipod launches.

how about the revered President of Social Media, Barack Obama? He won his way into presidency through viral marketing campaigns on social media.

or the use of Second Life to actually purchase clothes (Armani Exchange & Gap Jeans anyone?)

as well as the idea of e-learning and how it affects our education routes.


in conclusion, i’m happy to have taken COM125, especially under Mr Abel Choy. It was and still is a joy to take both CSE111 and COM125 under him in Fall’09 and Spring’11 respectively. Do hope to take another module with him as well as my awesome class. Till then, see you guys when I see you!

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Blog Entry #12 – The Future of the Internet?

allow me to gaze into the digital crystal ball.

I foresee the world turning into something like this:

i’m kidding.

but the future of the internet is so uncertain. But I can only think of one direction: forward!

We have seen predictions of technology in various movies, such as Minority Report…

Where movement of visual images projected on screen is probably a good predictor. And it has come true, especially with popular devices, like the iPad..

which saw the use of sensory techniques like the use of body heat through fingers.

Then we saw digital tables being used.

Also, the use of the iPhone camera function is proof that the phone can pick up images through its digital aperture..

Thus, we will foresee various sunglasses being data-enabled, so that wherever the lenses are pointed to, there will be information on it, such as this.


This is a good proof that technology advances through various progressive steps. I believe that whatever we’re seeing now, is just a small grain to a large beach of technological advancements we shall see in the following years.

Us, as users of new media can only be spectators towards this exciting cycle. And how will we know? Through this:

where various social media platforms will fight it out to provide us with the detailed yet accurate news.

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Blog Entry #11 – My Future Prediction on E-Learning

A few weeks ago, we did a lesson on e-learning and how technology might affect the way we work. Thus, after looking through the internet and seeing how various media specialists have speculated the way e-learning will go, here are my top 5 future predictions on how e-learning would go.

1. The rise of mobile learning

with smart phones, iPads, NetBooks and HTC phones, information can be sourced easier at the touch of their fingertips. I think this is something students are going to want more and more, that is, access to their learning materials on mobile (smart) phones and tablet devices. Even Singapore schools have started enabling iPads into their curriculum.

2. Increased Student adoption of Twitter

Now that Twitter has become a mainstream trend in social media, I believe that Singaporeans would also apply Twitter in their day-to-day basis. Just like number 1, with the inclusion of mobile smart gadgets into the educational circuit, hopefully 2011 will see a change, and we will see students starting to use Twitter in their learning. Who knows, even teachers might start tweeting and replying students on twitter.

3. The return of ‘distance learning’

The current economic problems will mean the demand for courses delivered over distance as people re-train will increase. Distance learning is already known in SIM to bring UB over (haha)

4. The death of RSS

I never really subscribed myself to the idea of an RSS feed, only because I am quite at backward techie. And now with the rise of Twitter and Facebook, RSS seems to be on the wane. I doubt that RSS will ‘die’ in 2011, but I can certainly see its use diminishing.

5. VLEs will go cloud

VLEs are known as Virtual learning environments, they are usually a major investment in both money/time for a college or university, and their use is very irregular. Irregular meaning that there is lot of use just before exams, and very quiet periods during the holidays. Therefore, VLEs may move in to the cloud so that resources can be allocated more efficiently to meet the highs and lows of demand.


Out of all this chapters, I found this to be the most well informed, but the least interesting. Unfortunately, being in a high-tech city, I am co-erced to believe that there is a future for e-learning in Singapore

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Blog Entry #10 – Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism is a new form of Journalism that reports news straight from the horses’ mouth.

Commonly, for Singapore as we are a rather conservative society, our publications are commonly controlled supervised by the government. Thus, national publications like the Straits Times and other newspapers are commonly censored.

However, with the age of new media, we have a few other websites that feature citizen journalis, which allows a bigger allowance of freedom of speech to singaporean internet users

Yawning Bread is a blogsite that addresses Gay and political social and cultural issues from a Singaporean point of view.

Its owner, Alex Au is openly gay and commonly speaks about the governmental issues in Singapore, his blog has been exceptionally highlighted of recent due to the upcoming general elections. His views aren’t exactly extremist but he is known to be witty yet relevant by speaking the relevant truth.

Or we could always rely on the government to give us what we want. (controlled) Citizen Journalism in the platform of …

STOMP is famous for raising rather intra-nation issues. E.g the maid carrying the NSF’s backpack issue was first raised in Stomp before reaching gigantic proportions in local media press. In Short, Stomp is all about sensational news, almost entertainment-worthy.

Citizen Journalism is good as it allows anyone to have a voice, to enable freedom of speech. However, should this allowance of creativity open up a floodgate of malicious behavior, I guess I should be grateful for Stomp and its government-regulated citizen journalism.

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Blog Entry #9 – Youtube & Social Contamination

Youtube has been around for almost a decade and been a platform for many aspiring singers as well as music superstars looking for another channel to showcase their MVs instead of traditional cassette tape and CDs.

Thus, Youtube is the go-to place to search for a particular song you’ve always been looking for.

However, with every good thing there’s bound to be a few boo-hoos, such as social contamination, a self-made phrase i’d coin people whom would place their “talents” online just for their quick minute of fame. Some have made money, while some have made a fool of themselves. In this entry, i’ll highlight a few instances where such examples testify to show that Youtube can break you.

Rebecca Black grew to fame through his song “Friday” on youtube, it has reached a record number of dislikes (2.1785 million), even beating Justin Bieber’s “Baby” MV to the number of dislikes (1.2669 million)

Both songs are equally annoying and have been panned by many music critics as well as everyday listeners. But the sore difference between Bieber and Black is that Bieber has big names backing them up and is raking in millions. While Black went with Ark Music Records, an extremely small town record label and though she made some innings (17k on iTunes), she still needs to prove that she’s not a one hit wonder.

Records have said that Black’s video is actually a marketing teaser for an upcoming movie, but we have yet to find credible sources for that.

So, many social media specialists have embarked on a big slam onto such aspiring singers on youtube. Take GloZell for instance

or something from an Asian in America!

Luan has also been rather forthcoming (he’s known as the black girl in an asian boys body) whom has also lashed out at the atrocity of its lyrics, as well as putting his own interpretative dance to it.


Social Contamination is a rather bad thing for the creator and I really can’t think of a good reason why would it be a bad thing for the public/audience. If the creator produces content that is not favourable with the public, this could lead to a backlash. And if such results or reactions be too disturbing, this could lead to a distraught on the feelings of the creator, that could lead to social issues such as depression or worse, death.

Thus, it’s important to know what you’re putting up on the internet lest social contamination occurs! Be safe, and surf safe!

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Blog Entry #8 – Yes He Could! Obama’s winning social media strategy

Even though this is old news on Obama winning the US Presidency (and that he might be re-elected for a second term next year), the class was informed on how Social Media got Obama onto his prestigious level of leadership

Unlike John McCain, the republican stuck in his ways, Obama learned to move with the media.

And not just the traditional methods of speeches and print publications, but by Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

i.e Social Media

For my blog entry today, I’ll be talking about how Obama effectively used the power of Social Media to enable his campaign to its full potential

1) He knew his goals and built his proper strategy

in the world of business, it’s only right to find the need, meet the deed. Obama did just that, by targeting the youths’ thirst for knowledge via social media channels and arranging his campaign to target these youths at their dwelling locations online.

2) Don’t experiment

Unfortunately, social media is progressive and really fast, unlike traditional media where there will be different stages of drafting and approval before it is published. Fortunately, Obama had a good team of social media campaign members to monitor and thoughtfully publish out messages of persuasion onto the channels

3) Be Unique

Obama & Social Media > John McCain & Traditional Media. ’nuff said.

4) have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Obama had a mighty goal for American, to change its systems of working and infrastructure, particularly its point of view in Iraq and its Healthcare systems. His willingness to differentiate himself from other candidates has led him to achieve change!

(From James Burnes, )

In my opinion, Obama managed to win the hearts of America by aiming its teenage + middle age yuppie groups.

Yes We Can.

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Blog Entry #7 – Internet Security and ways to prevent it

In the internet world, it is extremely tough to be vigilant on security.

Fortunately, there are different methods onto protecting your computer from harmful programmes and software. Here’s what I found:

1) Anti-Virus software Programs

These AV software programs are commonly used to detect, prevent and remove malware (malicious software) from your computer. Before looking at a few established brands for Anti-Virus Software programs, ideal AV software programs have the following / possess the following traits:

a. Established AV company – Reputation is everything on the internet. It is important to get a famous or at least a well-known brand that other people have purchased as well.

b. Comprehensive solution – Your AV program must have remedies towards your CPU needs as well as step-by-step guides onto knowing more onto disinfecting or preventing any malicious software

c. System requirements – and of course, the core issue is that you need to find the ideal program that fits what your computer possesses. Why buy a Mac AV program when you have a Windows platform? It’s all about matching what you have with what you need.

d. Product Accreditations – Reputation precedes everything. Even if it means Jackie Chan being an Ambassador for an unknown Chinese AV program

e. Technical Support – And of course, if the software fails, there should be a hotline for people to dial in. Furthermore, having a customer service hotline would also allow the company to be more pervasive to its customers.

2) Security Precautionary Measures

i.e disconnecting yourself from the internet, or at least your computer. This limits the access between the world wide web and your digital platform. Furthermore, don’t open emails that you find suspicious or links that your “friend has sent” (which is usually out of his/her character)

As the Sexually Transmitted Diseases would say, better to be safe than sorry!

Lastly, before I conclude Internet Security, look at the youtube link below. It’s an advertisement from India that is about being preyed on by Internet “thieves”

Surf Hard, Surf Safe!

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